Joana Heidrich

Joana Heidrich
(c) Beach Major Series

Joana Heidrich is a female beach volleyball player from Switzerland.

Birth date: 02/10/1991
Nation: Switzerland
Position: Block
Current partner: Anouk Vergé-Dépré

joana heidrich tokyo 2020
joana heidrich beach volleyball
Joana Heidrich in Vienna 2019. Photo: Studio Horst
Joana Heidrich volleyball
Joana Heidrich verge-depre
Joana Heidrich switerzland
Joana Heidrich beach volley
heidrich switzerland
joana heidrich
heidrich verge-depre
heidrich jurmala
joana heidrich cancun
joana heidrich julia sude
Joana Heidrich sexy

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Take a look at her partner:

One comment

  1. Joana Heidrich: I give her bonus points for being a stunning 190 cm tall, whch is absolutely gorgeous. She may not be the most beautiful but her long proportions more than make up for it. Her booty isn’t very big, but defined which allow her butt cheeks to cover up her bikini slip nicely. Since she is still in her late twenties, and also still very active, I gice her an 8 out of 10


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