Top 10: Most followed beach volleyball players on Instagram

Mostly every female beach volleyball player got an Instagram account, but who is the most followed? Here is a list, enjoy!

10. Duda (BRA): 44.900

Duda Lisboa Instagram

9. Anouk Vergé-Depré (SUI): 45.000

Anouk Verge-Depré Instagram

8. Marta Menegatti (ITA): 46.000

Marta Menegatti Instagram

7. Laura Ludwig (GER): 48.900

Laura Ludwig Instagram

6. Maria Elisa Antonelli (BRA): 51.200

Maria Antonelli Instagram

5. Taylor Pischke (CAN): 51.900

Taylor Pischke Instagram

4. Alix Klineman (USA): 53.900

Alix Klineman instagram

3. Ágatha Bednarczuk Rippel (BRA): 54.500

Agatha Rippel instagram

2. April Ross (USA): 159.000

april ross instagram

1. Kerri Walsh (USA): 239.000

kerri walsh instagram

Don’t forget to follow these athletes on Instagram or every other platform to make our beautiful sport even bigger and support the players!

Last update: 20/06/21

And follow @volleywomen on Instagram for daily updates of athletes of this beautiful sport:

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It has been a great tournament with a lot of attention for our beautiful sport. But before we are sad that it ended we want to show you the best moments and hottest pictures of Olympic beach volleyball tournament 2020.

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