Rian Lenarduzzi

Rian Lenarduzzi

Rian Lenarduzzi is a female beach volleyball player from Canada.

Birth date: 20/01/1997
Nation: Canada
Position: Block

lenarduzzi hot
Rian Lenarduzzi canada
Rian Lenarduzzi beach volleyball
Rian Lenarduzzi spikes
Rian Lenarduzzi beachvolleyball
Lenarduzzi in the right
rian lenarduzzi beach volleyball
lenarduzzi hot beachvolleyball

One comment

  1. Wonderful! Rian is still a very young woman, but already one of the most gorgeous and beautiful beachvolleyball players I’ve seen! With 180 centimeters, she is a beautifuly tall woman. Her best attribute is without a doubt her booty. Many Beachvolleyball players tend to have small butts, which don’t don’t do them any asthetic favors. Thankfully Rian is not one of them. While she still manages to have an athletic physique, her thighs are far bigger than the average volleyball player. she is far more volomptuous. While she wears bigger bikini slips than the other women, it is quite obvious that she does this out of necessity due to her massive hips. Zhis leads her to have such great ass cheeks that they literally choke out the slip and might as well expose her whole bare ass. What a marvelous woman! With a lot of time due to her youth, I will be most excited to follow her asthetic and think she deserves a well earned 9.5 out of 10


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