EuroBeachVolley Jurmala 2020 – Best photos

European Beach volleyball championship in Jurmala (Latvia) are passed and we found the most beautiful photos for you. Enjoy!

kozuch jurmala 2020
Maggie Kozuch did a great job against the local team (Ozolina/Skrastina)
orsi toth jurmala 2020
Menegatti/Orsi Toth won 2:0 versus Jupiter/Chamereau
ludwig jurmala 2020
Laura Ludwig and Maggie Kozuch with a good game
dabizha jurmala 2020
Dabizha/Rudykh with a win against Austria (2:0)
Voronina jurmala 2020
Voronina dives for the point but lost 1:2 against Bieneck/Schneider
kvapilova jurmala 2020
Kvapilova wins against Birlova/Ukolova (Russia)
t. strauss jurmala
T. Strauss lost the game against Switzerland
ukolova jurmala 2020
Ukolova looeses against Czech Republic in the first game
bocharova jurmala 2020
Bocharova could not win with Voronina against Germany (Bieneck/Schneider)
n. strauss jurmala
N. Strauss couldn’t prevent the defeat
Makroguzova jurmala
Makrogusova at the defense

Take a look for the actual drawings:

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