Volleyball Nations League 2021

The VNL will start at 25th May and we want to take a look at the system, the teams and their players. It will take place in Rimini, Italy until the 20th Juni for the women and can be watched here and costs about 19.99 Euro for all matches (including men).

A total of 16 nations take part in each tournament, competing against each other in a league on a total of 15 match days. Contrary to the usual six teams that qualify for the final round, this year only the best four teams make it into the final tournament. For women this will take place on June 24th and 25th.

Here is a list of all participating teams:

Netherlands and Belgium will begin the tournament at 10am (local time) and can be watched here. Player to watch are for sure Myrthe Schoot and Juliet Lohuis. On the same day there are seven other matches (for example Turkey vs. Serbia at 12am). 

Here are the three players to watch beginning with Ana Carolina Da Silva from Brazil:

ana carolina vnl
Ana Carolina Da Silva #4 of Brazil and Tandara Caixeta #11 of Brazil

Zehra Gunes will take part on the tournament, too (Turkey):

zehra gunes vnl

In the Italien team we can be happy for Camilla Mingardi:

camilla mingardi vnl

We will definitely keep you up to date with great pictures from the VNL in Italy, with players from their most beautiful side!

VNL schedule can be found here. More information can be found on the official FIVB website.

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