Female Volleyball teams in Tokyo 2021

These female volleyball teams will participate at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and are devided into two groups. The best four teams of each group will qualify for the quarter finals after everyone has played against everyone (see game schedule below). All games will take place in Ariake Arena. Which teams are qualified and which players are the most beautiful ones you will find out here.



Serbia has good chances to win the olympic games. In Rio 2016 they showed their class with winning the silver medal. And with players like Tijana Boskovic they have surely the potential to be a good opponent for every team and win again a medal. Most beautiful player is Bianka Busa:



The Italian volleyball national team is one of the best teams in the world. There is on almost every position a worldclass player. But the female team of Italy could never win a medal in Olympic games. Most beautiful player is Carlotta Cambi.



Also Turkey has a worldclass national team and can win the olympic games in Tokyo. They are in a tough group with Russia, USA, Italy and China but the fourth place is enough to reach the quarter finals. Most beautiful player is of course Zehra Güneş.



ROC / Russia

Not bad chances for the female team of “Russia” to win a medal but the last one was in Athen 2004 (silver). Most beautiful player of Russia is Tatiana Kosheleva:

Tatiana Kosheleva volleyball


China is one of the best teams in the tournament and current Gold medalist from Rio 2016. No doupt that they want to repeat their success. Most beautiful player of China is Gong Xiangyu.



As the host team Japan is of course part of the Olympics. But because of other teams which are much better the chance of winning the gold medal in the own country is not very high. Most beautiful player of Japan is Sarina Koga.


South Korea

South Korea has not high chances to win a medal but to reach the quarter finals is possible. Group A is not very strong so they can take place behind Brazil, Serbia and maybe Japan. 

North & South America


Also the USA has a very good team for the Olympics in Tokyo and have high expectations to win a medal. In Rio 2016 they could reach the Bronze medal. Most beautiful American player is Micha Hancock from Igor Volley Novara.



Argentina is for sure an outsider because of the hard group B. They will batlle with Turkey for the fourth place to reach the quarter finals. Most beautiful player of Argentina is Sol Piccolo.



Brazil was very good in London 2012 and Peking 2008 where they could reach the Silver medal. With players like the beautiful Gabriela “Gabi” Braga Guimaraes they can surely win a medal in Tokyo, too.


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is one of the outsiders but surely not to underestimate. They played good in the VNL and if the team works they can reach everything. Player to watch is Annerys Vargas Valdez.




The only country from Africa at the Olympic games is Kenya. Main reason is the volleyball quality of African women teams which is not very high. So Kenya will have a good experience in Tokyo but not high chances for even the quarter finals.  

Game schedule for the preliminary round

The first three games are from Group A, the other three games Group B:

25/07/21SerbiaDominican Republic
BrazilSouth Korea
27/07/21Japan Serbia
Brazil Dominican Republic
South Korea Kenya
Russia Argentina
Italy Turkey
29/07/21South Korea Dominican Republic
Serbia Kenya
Japan Brazil
Italy Argentina
China Russia
31/07/21Dominican Republic Kenya
Serbia Brazil
Japan South Korea
Argentina Turkey
China Italy
02/08/21Serbia South Korea
Japan Dominican Republic
Brazil Kenya
Russia Turkey
China Argentina

More information about the Olympic games in Tokyo 2021 can be found here.

Female Beach Volleyball teams in Tokyo 2020

Finally the drawing of lots for the Olympic games in Tokyo 2020 were held in Moscow so that we know what chance the female beach volleyball teams will have. All games will take place in Shiokaze Park. The preliminaries will take place from July 24 to 31 and be followed by the elimination round matches […]

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