Lesbian volleyball players you didn’t know about!

Take here a look about five female lesbian volleyball players you didn’t know about. And who knows, maybe there are some more players out there we don’t know about but introduce in an other article…

Katarzyna Skorupa

The polish setter was in a relationship with Paola Egonu and fights for LGBTQ rights. In an interview she told that she felt discriminated because of her sexual orientation. She revealed that there are more lesbian polish volleyball players but not who because they don’t want to make the same experiences. 

skorupa egonu
Skorupa and Egonu caught by Italian press

Ana Beatriz Correa

Also Ana Beatriz is a lesbian volleyball player. There is a rumour that she was in a relationship with Roberta Ratzke, also a brazilian volleyball professional. In 2017 Roberta left her husband for Bea. Bea had also relationships with other players like libero Suelen Pinto.

ana correa roberta ratzke
Beatriz Correa and Roberto Ratzke – maybe already a couple on this photo?

Kira Walkenhorst

The beach volleyball player and Gold medalist from Rio 2016 is married with Maria Kleefisch and mother of triplets. They married 2017 in Timmendorfer Strand.

kira walkenhorst hochzeit

Ana Carolina da Silva

The other Brazilian volleyball player and Lesbian in this list is Ana Carol. She is in a relationship with Anne Bujs from Neterhlands. They play together in the same team (Dentil/Praia Clube).

ana carol anne bujs

Marleen van Iersel

Beach volleyball player from Netherlands Marleen van Iersel is married to Myrthe Ramonds. They have a child already.

marleen van iersel myrthe ramond

Do you know more Lesbian volleyball players or couples? Tell us in the comments!

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