Ten beautiful volleyball players you never heard about!

There are so many beautiful female volleyball players out there. Everyone knows players like Zehra Günes or Klara Peric. So we want to present you here some hot volleyballer players you definitely never heard about but have to know. Enjoy!

10. Josephine Tegenfalk (SWE):

josephine tegenfalk sweden

9. Sanja Malagurski (SER):

sanja malagurski serbia

8. Isadora Nicolai (BRA):

isadora nicolai college

7. Victoryia Panasenka (BLR):

victorya panasenk hot

6. Nikolina Božičević (CRO):

nikolina bozicevic hot

5. Saskia Hippe (GER):

saskia hippe hot

4. Monika Potokar (SLO):

monika potokar hot

3. Ariele Ferreira (ARG):

ariele ferreira hot

2. Petya Barakova (BUL):

Petya barakova hot

1. Zsofiá Gyimes (HUN):

zosfia giemes hot

Click on the images if you want to get take a deeper look into the volleyball players.

Did you know some of them before? Tell us in the comments below!

And follow @volleywomen on Instagram for daily updates of athletes of this beautiful sport:

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