Hot beach volleyball players who will miss Olympics 2021

Only two teams from one nation can take part in beach volleyball at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021. It is now clear which they are and which nation didn’t qualify with even one team. Of course, that’s a pity for some players but that’s why they should be honored here again in all their beauty.

Kerri Walsh Jennings (USA)

Kerri Walsh is an absolute institution in US beach volleyball and, at the age of 42, she has competed in the last five Olympic Games! Now two other US teams are better (Alix / April, Claes / Sponcil) and could qualify.

kerri walsh olympics

Brooke Sweat (USA)

There are of course two to a team, so Brooke Sweat will not participate with her partner Kerri Walsh in Tokyo. If you look at this defense, you get a little sad.

brooke sweat olympics

Maria Antonelli (BRA)

The level of Brazilian beach volleyball players is so high that beautiful players like Maria Antonelli could not qualify this time. It’s a shame if you take a look at this photo.

maria antonelli olympics

Carolina Solberg Salgado (BRA)

The fact that Carol is not there in Tokyo makes your heart ache. Mainly due to the fact that she has never been allowed to participate in the Olympic Games ever and won’t take part again this time.

carolina salgado olympics

barbara Seixas de Freitas (BRA)

The next Brazilian player could win a silver medal in Rio 2016 in her own country with Agatha Bednarczuk. Agatha is now playing with Duda and has qualified, while Barbara has to watch with her current parter Fernanda Berti Alves from home.

barbara seixas olympics

Sandra Ittlinger (GER)

With Chantal Laboreur they Ittlinger had every chance to participate at the Olympics, but she decided to split up and is now playing with Kim Behrens. In this team constellation she is even in fourth place in Germany behind Bieneck / Schneider.

sandra ittlinger olympics

Katarzyna Kociolek (POL)

Sadly Poland couldn’t even qualify with one team for Olympics 2021, so Katarzyna Kociolek won’t participate at the tournament. Her partner Wojtasik won’t, too.

katarzyna kociolek olympics

Daria Rudykh (RUS)

Russia had the chance at the Continental Cup in The Hague with Rudykh/Dabizha but lost in the finals against Schoon/Stam. So we will see another team from Netherlands in Japan which is not so bad, for Daria it is.

daria rudykh olympics

Katharina Schützenhöfer (AUT)

Another nation which didn’t qualify with even one team is Austria. So Schützenhöfer won’t participate with her partner Plesiutschnig. But they are young and will have many more chances in the future.

schützenhöfer olympics

Ingrid Lunde (NOR)

With Olimstad Ingrid Lunde had all the chance to make a ticket for Norway at Continental Cup. Unfortunately she lost in semifinals against Netherlands so she has to wait for another chance soon. We are sure that her dream will come true!

ingrid lunde olympcis

Of course there are many more players who will miss Olympics but 24 other beautiful beach volleyball players will play for the medals in Tokyo so we aren’t sad but can hardly wait for the start of the tournament. It will start on the 23th July so follow @volleywomen on Instagram to not miss any news and photos of the players of our beautiful sport!

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