Best beach volleyball photos of Tokyo 2020

It has been a great tournament with a lot of attention for our beautiful sport. But before we are sad that it ended we want to show you the best moments and hottest pictures of Olympic beach volleyball tournament 2020.

One of the most beautiful and most visited beach volleyball players was Tina Graudina. A good performance wasn’t the only reason of that if you take a look at this picture showing her partner what to do next.

tina graudina olympics

Liliana Fernandez is always an eyecatcher on beach volleyball tournaments. With that photo you know why.

liliana fernandez spain olympics

Joana Heidrich played a great tournament winning the Bronze medal with Anouk Vergé-Depré. Especially the game versus the other Suisse team was a highlight of Tokyo 2020. 

joana heidrich suisse tokyo 2020

Hard to say if Sarah Sponcil was satisfied with her performance in Tokyo. With the Round of 16 probably not. But with this photo she proved that she did everything to win.

sarah sponcil usa tokyo 2020

One of my personal favourites of Tokyo 2020 was Heather Bansley. But her partner was one the most visited sites, so it seems I was alone with that opinion.

heather bansley canada tokyo 2020

There she is. Of course beach volleyball experts knew before that Brandie Wilkerson is one of the most beautiful beach volleyball players on earth. After Tokyo 2020 many more know that now.

brandi wilkerson canada tokyo 2020

The third Canadian player and with one of the best body while attacking is Melissa Humana-Paredes. Look at this deformation!

humana paredes tokyo 2020

It was a quite tournament by Menegatti/Orsi Toth which where kicked out after three games. Without winning a single set they can’t be satisfied. But being there is everything.

menegatti tokyo 2020 olympics

After a suprising qualification for this olympic tournament Raisa Schoon was very happy. With a win over Burger/Sude they even got one round further. But it ended against Lidy/Leila then.

raisa schoon netherlands olympics

Seems that Ana Patricia was not prepared that she would be the only Brazil team in the quarter finals and this would be the best result for them. Brazil is in a crisis now and have to find solutions to be a good opponent in beach volleyball in the future again.

ana patricia brasil olympics

For Lidy it was the first experience in Japan so she couldn’t loose anything. That the was so good then no one could know. Maybe we will see her in Paris again soon, as African teams has it easier to qualify for lack of competition.

lidy cuba olympics

Look at these beauties! We hope they enjoyed the Olympics as we did and looking forward to Paris 2024! We hope you will stay a fan of this website!

gallay pereyra olympics 2020

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